mdBackup 3.2 build 65 (2010-03-24)

Last update: 2010-03-24
mdBackup is an easy to use backup solution. It automates making a backup-copy
of all changed or new files in specified directories to a local or network location of your choice!
mdBackup Features
- Scans any directory you specify
- Copy to local or network drives
- Extremely easy to use
- Backup Windows desktop/favorites/cookies/etc.
- Backup Firefox settings/bookmarks/cookies/etc
- Backup Outlook and/or Outlook Express settings
- Backup ActiveSync (PDA) data
- Automatic backups by scheduling
- Detailed logfile maintained
- Backup-set definition editable with notepad
- Totally free
- In use and tested for over five years by lots of people

Download mdBackup 3.2.65 installer (1603 KB)
Download mdBackup 3.2.65 installer (1603 KB)

If you already have installed a previous version of mdBackup, you can
download the mdBackup 3.2.65 executable only (43 KB)
and copy it over your current version

Download mdBackup 3.2 installer (1603 KB)
Use local and network destinations

# BackupSet definition file for mdBackup

SourcePath = C:\Dev
SourcePath = C:\My Documents
SourcePath = C:\My Movies
SourcePath = C:\My Music
SourcePath = C:\My Pictures
SourcePath = C:\Program Files\mdBackup
SourcePath = C:\Projects

DestinationPath = \\maurits\Backup

BackupWindowsSettings = True
RemoveDeleted = True
Backup-set definitions also editable with any text-editor

Download mdBackup 3.2 installer (1603 KB)
Automate further with startup-parameters in shortcuts and schedules
/min = run minimized
/all = run all backup-sets (*.mdBackup)
name = backup-set name to run (use exact spelling)
name1+name2 = run backup-set name1 and name2

Some background-info on mdBackup

For personal use I started in 1999 developing a more and more complex batch file that copied all new or changed files from all relevant local directories to my backup-drive at home and my network-share at the office. I included copying some windows-directories for desktop/start-menu/favorites/etc.
This worked well for some time, but adding/changing directories was a little complex and became a problem when more people (friends / family / colleagues) where going to use it on different OS'es. It was time to create a more sophisticated solution:
A real application with an easy to use and intuitive user-interface.... The current mdBackup was born. Since then more and more people have started to use it and in time all (???) bugs where filtered out and some nice features where added like multiple backup-sets, command-line parameters, support for any type of network-share etc.

Because I believe this is pretty handy software for personal use, I'd like to share it with all of you. But please keep in mind the following:
- It's all free and so is my right (not) to enhance, fix and/or come up with new versions
- Please DO send me bug-reports as I'm always willing to improve the quality of the software
- Please DO send me enhancement-requests, but keep in mind that I'm not planning to expand this into a huge professional backup-solution, so don't expect to much here.