mdFluke (2019-12-14)

mdFluke is a simple and small piece of windows software to view and log data from a Fluke (bench) multimeter.
It was actually a spin-off when replacing the DE-9 connector on my Fluke 45 with a micro USB port:

Bluetooth schematic
mdFluke Features
- Simple display showing dual display values and units
- Resizable window from very small to very big
- Auto connect trying all (virtual) serial ports to detect a Fluke
- Automatically start logging to csv and textfile
HTML Version HTML mdFluke2 0.1 (2022-06-09)
This is very early development !
If this is the right way forward it has the great advantage that it is platform independant
and works on Win/Mac/Linux or even on mobiles/tablets without any installs/dependancies.
The big downside is that this is my very first html/js/css development,
so I am really looking for feedback, tips and even code-improvements from others!
Current issues:
- Connecting does not always work. Retry until connected.
- Not much error handling implemented yet
Download mdFluke.7z (2019-12-14)
(mdFluke is currently only tested with a Fluke 45 connected to Windows 7 and Windows 10 x64)
mdFluke itself doesn't require any installation but it does have 2 prerequisites:
- The unit_a3 font
 Install unit.ttf by double clicking and press install
- You might need to install Microsoft .Net 4.6.1
 If asked, download & install here
Select RS-232 print-only mode on the Fluke (See page 5-3 in the Fluke manual):
- Press '2ND', then press 'MN MX'(ADDR)
- Press 'Up' or 'Down' to select a print rate, then press 'AUTO'

mdFluke.exe [-com#] [-nolog] [-dark]
  -com#    Force specific com-port
  -nolog    Do not create logfiles
  -dark      Use dark colorscheme (white on black)

Just start mdFluke.exe
It checks any com-port for a Fluke (only tested my Fluke 45) and connects automatically
To force the use of one specific com-port use a command-line parameter like mdFluke.exe -com9
Two logfiles are automatically created in the current directory (you can set in a shortcut)
- mdFluke_yyyymmdd-hhmmss.csv
- mdFluke_yyyymmdd-hhmmss.log
You can disable logging bij adding -nolog as a parameter
I really like to receive feedback on usability, issues or improvements
Are you happy with it? Does it work for you or not?
Please let me know if it also works with other meters or systems